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“One who calls out sincerely to God never fails to be heard and to receive His help.” - Meher Baba

Celebrating the life, work and teachings of Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age

Avatar Meher Baba was born in Poona [Pune] India in 1894.

His mission as Avatar, the Hindu word for Godman, started in 1921 and developed as a practical example of his principle message of love.

He worked with disciples in India, Europe, America, and Australia, and the poor of India, through free schools, dispensaries and shelters.

His life was devoted not to teaching, but to awakening humanity to the unifying messages of love and truth given by the great messengers of the past. For this reason, Meher Baba observed silence for nearly 44 years, commencing in 1925 and lasting until His death in 1969.

Meher Baba

Meher BabaIn the early 1930s, when Meher Baba began His work in the West, the first place He came was England. His arrival in London attracted media interest and, during an interview for Paramount Newsreel, He gave this often quoted message:


"My coming to the West is not with the object of establishing new creeds or spiritual societies and organisations, but is intended to make people understand religion in its true sense. I intend to bring together all religions and cults like beads on one string and revitalise them for individual and collective needs..."



By this point in His life's work, Meher Baba had already been observing His silence for six years, using a simple alphabet board to convey His words. The message He gave then has even more relevance and importance today. It is a pointer towards the kind of interfaith outreach and understanding needed to create harmony in the midst of worldwide religious conflict.

Whilst emphasising respect and tolerance for religious practices, Meher Baba said He had no regard for rites and rituals. His followers have refrained from laying down any rules or practices which might be viewed as a new religion.


The Meher Baba Association welcomes enquiries from persons of all creeds and cultures who seek to learn more about Meher Baba and His phenomenal life, work and message.

Meher Baba
Meher Baba

The aim of this website is to celebrate the life, work and teachings of Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age. Everyone is welcome. We encourage you to explore these pages and then, perhaps follow the links to the many other Meher Baba groups that have been founded in different parts of the world.


Find out about Meher Baba's life, the lives of those He chose to accompany Him in His work, the books He wrote and the books that have been written about Him.


Find the answers to questions such as: 'Who was Meher Baba?' - 'What was the purpose of His work?' - 'Which other countries did He visit?' - 'Where is the Meher Pilgrim Retreat in India?'...

Discover how Meher Baba spelt out what it really means to love God, along with the basic and universal truths that are at the core of every major world religion.